Mark von Schlegell


(look then below)

Stone in the cavern! 1

White is the horn of snow.

Death is in love with light.

Neutrinos hole the hole;

Sunlight somehow too.

A fault is most conspicuous in a metamorphic.

Magma blows the waterflow!

Lo there? It already freezes.

Nothing endures.

Petroleum seeps into cracked slate?

Crustaceans shit the sky?

Stones are made of bones.

Gleam of inner light.

Happy is the un-stone.

The old grudge melts.

Sea-bottom ostracod!

Heat vents are hotter within.

Bones are made of stones.

Frost beards feldspar,

Moisture dews the stone.

Three waters make a dome.

Crust bent, folded out of mountains,

When cavities seal quartz of exceptional clarity,

Look then below.

Mountains condensing seismic rains,

Spiracles roofing subterrestrial furnace.

The guest is entertained, uninvited.

Shoulder undermined by time,

Subterraquean wind without chime.

Ambition will not arrive at security.

The droplets leave a tower,

Granite sucks the salt-cubed bower.

Self hoards shelter.

Poles shift, lava flows.

Microbes and Virus coevolve.

Prosperity means diversity.

Pushed up, dislocated, crumpled, placed on end,

Ruckle and Rubble trend.

Poverty is greater than abundance.

Give no heed to light,

The highest diamond is not long in office.

The age of sediment succeeds the hour of eruption.

Through eyelet mouth, the Alf-like river wends.

Wealth of the worlds! let it come, let it go.

Discontinuity hedges …2

1 She would speak
Through sound in the air;
And also through time.
She was a light
Among two others of her kind,
When I, burrow-headed,
Burrowed from above her.
Or, we were both below the other.
She made me to cipher
A dead language, and to know it.
She made me a poet.
“If you are primitive bards,
Study some, before you begin.
Find instructors initiated
To tongue the heavy secrets in …”

2 Arranged from the script of the Ben Rivers film Look Then Below, 2019 (wr. Mark von Schlegell)

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