Still Lifes

Still Lifes (I)
Three creamy roses in rare Chinese vase with rui clouds and red dragon. Painted Van Dyck brown background and frame, choked artist signature bottom right.
—I am so done.

Still Lifes (II)
Manet flower still life impression in jade vase with chained cover (one of a pair). Foreground, frame, artist signature on Money painting foundation.
—I am so stupid.

Still Lifes (III)
Fantin-Latour hollyhocks impression in Chinese doublegourded vase (prune, pierced rock, bamboo) before abstract background.
—I am so depressed.

Still Lifes (IV)
Van Osterwyck leaf of grass in Chinese celadon vase with dragon biting rim, emerging from soft abstract background, signature.
—I, too, am so done.

Still Lifes (V)
Smudged board and symmetric build up: Memling inspired bouquet in sketched dragon ear vase. Signature and large lady slipper to either side.
—I am such a lustful translation of life.

Still Lifes (VI)
More Manet, Manet Manet …
—I was so right.

Still Lifes (VIII)
Single Hibiscus in jade vase with chained cover (one of a pair), screaming background.
—I am so proud of you.

Still Lifes (IX)
Monet background impression, a pair of guarding porcelain vases with blue nature, bent frame, artist signature.
—I am so tired of living yet so scared of dying.

Still Lifes (X)
Three creamy roses in rare Chinese vase with rui clouds and red dragon, Van Dyck brown background, smoked artist signature. More frame and adoration.

Well, of course you are free to take action.

With or against the conditions you find…

which you deem… whatever they are.

As nearly natural phenomenon so to say;

To advance into territories of relevance.

It’s your choice. Your responsibility, really.

One of the three paintings exhibited at Taubenschlag
Still Lifes (VI)
––I was so right.

I guess, to blend in or not to blend in.
It pains me to think there is no other way.
—Possibly. “The human mind enjoys no state of passive grace.”

so speaking of memories that are not mine, of words long prevented and to prevent questions, questions mistaken for kindness, kindness confused with friendship, friendship becoming furniture. I don’t need to go on.
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