John Boskovich

Installation views, John Boskovich—Psycho Salon, O-Town House, Los Angeles, 2019/20.

My studio / residence has never been in the genre of Installation Art as some have considered it… But is more akin to something like a John Cage or a Fluxus performance where there is a non-narrative structure with beginning and an end point. The art lies in the ensuing theatrics or as one might put… its “highly fetishized” design concept recalls a Fashbinder [sic!] set where no movie ever occurred… but nevertheless drama flourished abundantly…

The documentation exists only in the still photography of Toshi Yoshimi and in my memory and those that live, work, and play there…

The central conceptual conceits are schlock apocalypse and Millenarianism. There are sub-themes of “eclectic spirituality” and faux multi-culturalism. Boskostudio is intended as a literalization of Huysman’s A Rebours, the locus classicus of French Decadence, a novel essentially about Interior Design and its central character’s increasing isolation and confinement. There are temporary display areas for independent pieces that are to be moved out and rearranged somewhere else.—JB, email 2002

Installation views Boskostudio—
Psycho Salon (1997)—Photography Toshi Yoshimi for Interior Design Magazine
Color Correction Series / AA Bumper Stickers (Diptych): Clean & Sober / 
Sober 'N Crazy, 1997
Color Correction Series / AA Bumper Stickers: I'll Begin With Me, 1997
Color Correction Series / AA Bumper Stickers: Screw Guilt, 1997

JOHN BOSKOVICH (1956–2006) was a Los Angeles based artist, writer and filmmaker. The exhibition, Psycho Salon, at O-Town House, a space established by our friend, and part-time apologist Scott Cameron Weaver, was a re-staging of the legendary and since greatly mythologized atelier / artwork / abode / film-set / performance where he lived, worked and entertained from 1996 until his untimely death.

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