Entropic Delusional Culture

there is an analogy to everything! thermodynamic theorems aside… This issue of E.D.C. focuses on the ways “culture” or what is perceived to be of cultural pertinence disperses itself within the greater laws of nature: entropathie (fr):
It diffuses itself in much the same way that any molecule spreads toward the vacancies in a cell; this in a human’s frame of time happens rather quickly; imagine the same process culturally (it’s happening ALL the time) then compare the time to scale in Homo (-sapien’s) endeavor? We have the times in which you live!
A period when the adverb “interesting” is used to describe things that are in no way shape or form of interest in any aspect of their existence; endeavor; or perceived “Cultural” girth… hungering for ever more new enthralling “content” when what came before is not even remotely studied in depth or in some cases known?
Diffusion of this delusion is social entropy: a slow digression into the mediocre; very few Homo-sapiens in this climate of cultural gentrification strive for anything better than what is given them: for the perception is that the punter public is not interested in a past thus will accept whatever is given them now, hence the predilection to the “new” (which nothing really is)… bonjour tristesse!
Irk-worthy to no end is the phrase “did they pay you?” or “you got paid right?” implying it’s not really important to do what you like or love as long as some entity monetarily augments your abilities to be “sustainable” in a system proven to be less a system than a burden mired in needless competitions? A thus un-sustainable situation which will render said individual to a never ending loop of substance abuse; false fears and dashed hopes…
then came the return of; in a whole other way: the “hipster”!
the term comes to us in the form of the HARLEM RENAISSANCE of New York and Paris from around 1918 til the early 30s: this movement was as well deemed the New Negro Movement coined from an anthology entitled The New Negro by ALAIN LOCKE or the “flowering of Negro Literature”: JAMES WELDON JOHNSON… on the street; in the Jazz clubs, they were called Hipsters: I bet a great many of today’s Hipsters would not (for sheer lack of knowledge on the subject) attest to it. However it might be I remember going to a Pizza joint in San Francisco a year ago: I asked the waiter (who later informed us as to his ownership of the place) about the jukebox as it sounded like it had a sub-woofer in it, though it was definitely of late 60s early 70s provenance… the explanation turned into “a flowering” of sorts as his manicured beard glistened under WAY too much light for a pizza joint: making the perfect frame for his pink rose lips to expound on the excesses in which he engaged when plotting the renovation of this jukebox to wifi (music was coming from an iPad somewhere) standardizing as well as augmenting the sound along the way… Hipster ALERT!
this went on for as long as it took to bring the pizza to the table after he’d placed the order; digitally from some device he had?! after all that I wondered if any of these “New Hipsters” had any iota of and idea from where their movement sprang? would they understand the impetus of their movement’s “origins” or the obvious (down to the look) similarities to their Negro predecessors?
What would the Harlem Renaissance have been like if SENECA VILLAGE had not been raised to create Central Park? Or the Subsequent Hipster Movement if they even knew or do they? Now? Finally? not to my knowledge… not bothered (me either to be honest)
another example: of all the folks who claim to love BOB MARLEY and or DUB REGGAE; only a portion have ever heard of Grammy award winning producer / performer / Griot Lee “Scratch” Perry (whom I have recently had the pleasure of working with via Andi Thoma and Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars—that’s a whole ’nutha experience to expound upon at a later date possums…)!?

Lee said to me on our first meeting that he “hated REGGAE! all these Rastas coming up to me” wanting him to make them the new / next “Bob” (Marley)? no real understanding of how and or why he did what he did? just seeing the tip of the iceberg is what sank the Titanic! that Music was a call to the world of Jamaica’s independence: an indelible form of cultural identity that will echo through time for infinity: not a mere catalyst on which to gain profit; possessions and punani?! the message is lost when the messenger is gone… Entropy
so the energy which makes this Entropic Delusional Culture possible will not last “forever”; this principal is reflected in every living thing! The sun is a prime example: once this energy is no longer; that which comprises it is released to move freely to the next destination or confinement;
if this is not an exact template for what is considered culture or even existence then nothing else can be either…

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