The language monster

Titelgestaltung: Ivana Milos

... we were sitting in the darkness, listened to the hissingfire which wormed us, when a great monster appeared looking right and left. he looked like a hyena on two feet. i freaked, i asked my friend about him, he said this is the LM, i asked frightened what is LM, he said this is the language monster. he stands at the exit, scans the piled words searching for the strange ones. when he finds some he jumps and rips them apart, and nobody knows about him outside. we were not from this place and we did not look like its people. our clothes were sandy from travelling many cities, yet we knew that the journey would end soon and the good life was waving bye bye.

the LM was a nasty creature. he stood motionless with folded arms and beaming eyes, then suddenly he started dancing, taking a step back and forth, moving his head left and right, his eyes were throwing fire, then he looped in the air landing on the hands one time and on the feet the other time. that was entertaining, but soon we found out that this was how he showed his joy at recognizing us. he moved seriously towards us, when a nice bird crossed the sky above us and waved. we were from those who know birds language, we listened to him, he said the LM knows all the words and he recognized you. the nice bird explained: the only way to rescue is to talk to him in a language he does not recognize, we birds speak another language that is why the LM does not see us. the bird's speech threw balls of encouragement in our hearts, so we faced the LM and started to tweetwee and seoseo, and we swayed and we boayed, then we huffed and we puffed, until the LM withdrew in confusion because he did not know which sort are we.

strangely we believed we are two birds, when happily came a slip of tongue and we flew off with the flyers...

Starship 5: Zwei sind zu wenig - Cover Deborah Schamoni
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