Editorial 20

This is the 20th issue of Starship and we are proud and very happy to present it, and mainly want to thank all the artists, the contributors, the columnists, and the people who helped us to get images of exhibitions past, and gave us texts from books not yet published. Starship never starts with a clear concept about its future content, or what could be called a theme, but always with a sort of attentive interest. The theme may develop through its columnists—we think it is now easy to distinguish lines of thoughts, images, and texts answering each other. But it surely does so out of this editorial interest that wanders, and finds, and collects, is enthusiastic about artworks, and texts, and people, and alas then brings this together in a magazine. This is how we have worked on it during the last year, and the responsiveness of the people who regularly write for Starship (the columnists) has showed us that other people are doing something very in parallel.

This is a strange form, a magazine like this, not funded, appearing irregularly, but still within a sort of conventional form, that suggests a certain basedness. It is at the core an excess of producing something that might prove itself valuable and liberating in the future.


Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen

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