Editorial 20

This is the 20th issue of Starship and we are proud and very happy to present it, and mainly want to thank all the artists, the contributors, the columnists, and the people who helped us to get images of exhibitions past, and gave us texts from books not yet published. Starship never starts with a clear concept about its future content, or what could be called a theme, but always with a sort of attentive interest. The theme may develop through its columnists—we think it is now easy to distinguish lines of thoughts, images, and texts answering each other. But it surely does so out of this editorial interest that wanders, and finds, and collects, is enthusiastic about artworks, and texts, and people, and alas then brings this together in a magazine. This is how we have worked on it during the last year, and the responsiveness of the people who regularly write for Starship (the columnists) has showed us that other people are doing something very in parallel.

This is a strange form, a magazine like this, not funded, appearing irregularly, but still within a sort of conventional form, that suggests a certain basedness. It is at the core an excess of producing something that might prove itself valuable and liberating in the future.


Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen

Starship 20: Cover Michèle Graf & Selina Grüter
  1. Editorial 20 Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen
  2. Anita Leisz for Bibliothek Feuerlöscher Anita Leisz
  3. Untitled, 1950 Norman Lewis
  4. Les valises de Jean Genet Jean Genet, Albert Dichy
  5. Kamerahand I & II Valerie Stahl Stromberg
  6. Contributors Starship
  7. Ariane Müller (human) speaks with Sebastian Lütgert (AI) Ariane Müller, Sebastian Luetgert
  8. Divided Camilla Wills, Eleanor Ivory Weber
  9. Prolog/Our Mother of the Milk Ulla Rossek
  10. Unknowability Lars Bang Larsen
  11. angelicism Toni Hildebrandt, Charlotte Johannesson
  12. Excerpts from freier, issues 1–6, published by Simone Gilges /Neue Dokumente Simone Gilges, freier
  13. Untitled Caleb Considine
  14. Xtinction Rebellion Karl Holmqvist
  15. Hyperopia Ruth Angel Edwards, Chloée Maugile
  16. Vater und Sohn. Andalusien, 2022 Amelie von Wulffen
  17. Untitled Mark von Schlegell
  18. Hypostasicisms Josef Strau
  19. Basketcase part 2 Gerry Bibby
  20. CLOUDS Stephanie Fezer, Vera Tollmann
  21. Evidentiary Discourse Cacoethes Eric D. Clark
  22. Untitled Christopher Müller
  23. LOVE TEST, The Issue of the Funeral Rosa Aiello
  24. Aus: Schuld war mein Hobby, Bilanz einer Familie Hans Christian Dany
  25. Cardiffe Cliffs Michèle Graf, Selina Grüter
  26. Stirrings of the Mouth Elisa R. Linn
  27. Logging the garden Florian Zeyfang
  28. InIran Ariane Müller
  29. I’m writing a letter Mercedes Bunz
  30. Gespräch mit Julia Jost Julia Jung
  31. Fragments of a financialized intelligence Robert M. Ochshorn
  32. Capital Time David Bussel
  33. Knappes Kind Tenzing Barshee
  34. A conversation with Ryan Siegan Smith Jay Chung, Ryan Siegan Smith
  35. Origami (1–1000) Stephan Janitzky
  36. The landscapes of G. Peter Jemison Robert McKenzie, G. Peter Jemison
  37. Hiccups Jakob Kolding
  38. Did Women make Stone Tools Nina Könnemann
  39. Anna Mendelssohn Vera Lutz, Beatrice Hilke, Anna Mendelssohn
  40. Untitled Terry Atkinson
  41. "Mittlerweile war keine Haltung mehr erträglich …" Philipp Simon
  42. Like in every good melodrama Nikola Dietrich, Julian Göthe
  43. Der Raum zwischen dem Mitternachtshimmel (hofseitig) Ulrich Heinke
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