Musix' lost it's Colour

E.tymological D.econstruction C.yclicals

Impetus of ideal fruition or the pedantic nature of textual reference in conjunction with repetitive wavelength impulse;

In other words the deconstruction of a song

You’re listening to the Gist of Music

Simply the name of a night hosted musically by me at a little bar across the street from my modest

Salon / Atelier / Archive

Sometimes I feel like I want to scream

this line was conceived at a point in modern popular (or poopular) history when people started jumping around like fleas on hot bricks to any number of mediocre or poorly derivative so called “Music” pieces: especially the “commercial” endeavors

When the Musix’ not movin’ me

often times people tend to gravitate towards a tune or thing due to it’s sheer proliferation in the public realm (is there truly joy in repetition?)… you know like those songs you have stuck in your head that you hate?!

that wrong I just can not be…?

this is the point where you can’t believe you actually have gotten accustomed to the schrott you know is bad however are too inebriated by the frequency of it’s presence to free yourself from it; you find yourself singing it out loud in those quiet moments when the mind inventories it’s most recent synapses?

where’s the groove? The beat? ’think you forgot the melody?

this bit is directly referring to a so-called “genre” (now defunct) of Music that was known in the “Dance Music” scene as “minimal techno” (e’en though a categorical umbrella of sorts there is no reason to capitalize it as an actual proper noun or category? just look at the word! It begs to be belittled (no pun intended)…

I just don’t see… why you need the latest plug-ins to compose something sweet?” × 2

there are many who call themselves producers out there because of their knowledge of the software they implement to “create”: in more rarified cases the actual hardware used to bring to fruition their musical ideas…

the situation harks back to those bedroom producers who believe they need whatever new thing is made available in order to achieve their musical goals; which if so the case are terribly misplaced!

One really does not!

“I just don’t see… I don’t agree no

the intention of this phrase is to coax an earnest production from someone wishing to create: standardization is the detritus we are left with after all of the industrialization we’ve allowed to run rampant around us; rendering a great deal of so-called “creativity” merely pale copies of existing works in practically all discipline of perceived imagination…

It makes me wanna’ scream hey ah ah yaaaaahaaa…” it simply does even if only on the inside…

It needs more colour

Music is vibration as is the recognition of colour in our biological functioning; hence the metaphor of Music’s loss of a fundamental element; of it’s link to our physiognomy: without that the subject (Music) loses it’s metaphorical colour

Musix’ lost it’s colour

Music needs colour” Those two lines are rather self explanatory… … one evening I visited Isa Genzken at her atelier after an opening we had attended of hers in Berlin and she presented me with one of her signature “World Receiver“ multiples! I’m still smitten to this day… Around that time I was getting this song together; ready to release: had never thought of a video for it until Isa gifted me the piece in a shiny black bag that I noticed afterwards was from a Gay Fetish shop?! subsequently I asked Martin Ebner if he would be interested in doing a video based on the sculpture for this song? The colour; form; the originality in its message all coupled with the name of the piece juxtaposed to the title of the song? It was a no-brainer! The process thoroughly makes the message clear!

Song: “Musix’ Lost it’s Colour” by Eric D. Clark

Cover: Hervé Lecouffe, typeface by cabine.co.uk

Video: Martin Ebner

Mastering: Albert Gabriel Label: SUBCURRENT MEDIA™ (ericdclark.bandcamp.com)

Sculpture: Isa Genzken

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