Dull & Bathos

Dull and Bathos

There are too many artists. When there are so many artists—all possible, all good—then nothing is good. The newest generation believes in good faith that their neo-Dadaism is more sublime than the art of Praxiteles. That’s the trouble with artists now. In my day we wanted to be outcasts, pariahs. No one cared about the artist. There was nothing about him in the newspaper. One kept working because one wanted to. In those days truly new discoveries were made. What we did was daring, risky. A young man had it hard in those days, he had no hope at all of selling anything. Now there is too much calculation behind every move. And the artists have such sublime egos! It’s repulsive. The great trouble with art at present is that there is no spirit of revolt—no new ideas appearing among the younger artists. They are following along the paths beaten out by their predecessors, trying to do better what their predecessors have already done … that’s what’s irritating, they can’t get away from it. I’m sure that when people like Seurat started to do something, they really just wiped the past right out. Even the fauves, even the cubists did it. It seems that today, more than any other time in this century, there are strong ties with the past. It lacks audacity, originality. It’s too dogmatic in the mind of these young people. They are not inventive or imaginative; they use all the ideas they have seen or heard about, use them again in dogmatic form, and probably write books about it. In my time we artists were pariahs, and we knew it and enjoyed it. They repeat and that is not good. To keep on doing the same thing is like being an old maid. A woman must be like a rose—always fresh in what she does. Furthermore, I did as few things as possible, which isn’t like the current attitude of making as much as you can, in order to make as much money as possible. But today the artist is integrated, and therefore he has to be paid, and therefore he has to continue to produce for the market. It’s a vicious circle. Now they’re integrated into society. They have country houses, two cars, three divorces and five children. An artist has to turn out lots of paintings to pay for all that, hmmm? Art is above all business, propaganda. That’s not my cup of tea.—M.D.

Starship 13: Geld Alkohol Feminismus Sex - Cover Monika Baer
  1. Cover Monika Baer
  2. Editorial Starship 13 Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Nikola Dietrich, Henrik Olesen
  3. Greer Lankton Greer Lankton
  4. New New Impressions of Africa Jakob Kolding
  5. Contents
  6. Lost in numbers Karl Holmqvist
  7. Interview with Robert Bittenbender Robert Bittenbender, Robert McKenzie
  8. Das Lamas-Haus Florian Zeyfang, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Alexander Schmoeger
  9. Clouds Stephanie Wurster, Vera Tollmann
  10. Das Licht ist so hell Hans-Christian Dany
  11. Mollicutes Tenzing Barshee
  12. Crumbs Gerry Bibby
  13. Petting Zoo Francesca Drechsler
  14. Lee Miller Ariane Müller
  15. Dull and Bathos Jay Chung
  16. Liotard Christopher Müller
  17. Littoral Madness Chris Kraus
  18. aus: Am kühlen Tisch Amelie von Wulffen
  19. Visiting Highgate Cemetery Mercedes Bunz
  20. sub rosa Scott Cameron Weaver
  21. Institute of Flexibility Marte Eknæs
  22. The Bank of England Museum David Bussel
  23. Die kleinste Einheit (eine verrufene Münze kursiert geheim) Ulla Rossek
  24. Circles Drawn in Water: Play in the Major Key Lars Bang Larsen
  25. Orgy Marte Eknæs, Nicolau Vergueiro
  26. Circle, Senki, Mingei, Starnet Richard Birkett
  27. Untitled (F.P. #2, H.B.—  part 1 & part 2, Q.B. #2, Q.B. #1) Liz Deschenes
  28. 3 bad habits Monika Baer
  29. Moneydreams Rainer Ganahl
  30. Mathieu Malouf Mathieu Malouf
  31. Hallo, Dr. Fanta Max Schmidtlein
  32. Arts & Foods Amy Lien, Enzo Camacho, Ilya Lipkin
  33. Die Morschen Monika Rinck
  34. 1976, 1983, 2015 Julie Ault, Lucy R. Lippard
  35. what am i doing here David Antin
  36. 1. Get on board! Peter Wächtler
  37. Vacation Tobias Spichtig
  38. if you did, do we share something now? Lou Cantor
  39. Marinoni Tennis Club Ariane Müller, Martin Ebner
  40. Valparaiso Martin Ebner
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