Santiago Sierra could be something other than an asshole

If the photos of poor african laborers digging 1000s of ditches in a grid for a spit wage,

if the video featuring school children who expected a field trip and ended up becoming a spectacle at an exhibition opening,

if the photos of prostitutes getting ugly lines tatooed on their backs for the price of a fix,

if the photos/videos of laborers sweating to hold up a barrier at a 60 degree angle for hours on end in an art gallery,

and the others,

were all faked

and that Santiago Sierra, having sold his "risqué" and "un-PC" documentation to rich collectors then revealed the hoax for the Photoshop/Premiere setup that it was, turned around, flipped those rich buyers the bird, and then split the money he made even between himself and all those poor folks who we have come to know from those gallery and museum shows,

then Santiago Sierra would be one of the best artists today.

As things now stand, however, it's more likely that Santiago Sierra is an asshole; and the critics who "like" his work (Nicolas Bourriaud), and the fanboys (I doubt there are any women) who dish out money to collect it, they're assholes too, and would have been anyway, even without Santiago Sierra.

Works mentioned:

1."3000 ditches 180x70x70cm", 2002, b/w photograph triptych.
2. "465 paid people", 1999, video.
3."Line of 30 cm tattooed on a remunerated person", 1998, b/w photograph edition.
4. "Disconnected gallery wall held by five people an a 60º angle", 2000, b/w photograph edition, video.

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