The bells put their tongues out

I went into the — bar name — for a vodka, its what I always drink before I do this act, so I went in and the bartender said “we don’t serve spirits here.” I’m a bit frightened by performing, I guess a bit of a coward, because I’ve got no guts.Thats why I want a drink or two before I go on. I think I’d like to be a real lousy performer, just for the boos …
Why are ghosts so bad at lying? because you can see right through them.
I’ll get more serious now
we seeped into these forms and now I’m speaking to the dead
there’s always more dead than alive.
I know people who believe in ghosts but don’t believe in themselves.
This place is creaky and old. The doors make noise when they open and close.The towers are power washed to wipe away the grime of the past. The walls are painted with layers of white. The light reflects and makes everything fresh and bright.
Standing here we exude our own death and exist somewhere between dimensions.
There’s no hierarchies in these realities. What has disappeared comes back disguised in new threads. An apparitions past is as present as we are, seeping in and out of the spaces.
Recently I went out to the spa in Bad Saarow just an hour or so outside the city by train. It’s the kind of place people swim in mineral rich waters and do saunas and stuff.
Spas are supposed to be really good for you, regenerating and all that. Well, I went into the steam bath and I came out as mist.
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