Vocoder Day


Vocoder day
Sound as weapon, weapon as sound
Jan van Eyck Academie - Maastricht
Dec 13, 2011

Originally employed for telecommunications applications in the 30's and during World War II, the vocoder was in later years repurposed as a voice-altering tool for musicians. Bands like Kraftwerk made the vocoder one of the most ubiquitous voices of popular music in the last century. The symposium Vocoder Day explores the history of the vocoder and sound as a weapon.

This symposium will gather contributions by
Dave Tompkins,
author of the book How to Wreck a Nice Beach ,
Steve Goodman aka Kode9,
artist, DJ and author of Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear,
and sound artist Kalle Laar.

Lectures organised by Hans-Christian Dany,
artist, author and editor of Starship magazine

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