A.E.I.u.U. Just what is it that made today's Berlin so different, so appealing?

Cover Starship A.E.I.u.U.

Published by Starship, Hans-Christian Dany, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller

translated by Dr. Michael Eldred
Cover: Martin Ebner

Produced as part of the exhibition "BERLIN2000"
curated by Birte Kleemann
at PaceWildenstein Gallery, New York, 2009


Please go around the construction area; Martin Ebner
Learning to fly; Haytham El Wardany
Children's communism 2; Ariane Müller
Pastiche; Antje Majewski
Animals, children, old people as collectors; Francesca Drechsler
Children's communism 4; Ariane Müller
48 exhibitions, Starship
The east is not on the right; Hans-Christian Dany
Tales of stupidity; Judith Hopf
Metallkrakenkrankenkanne; Michaela Eichwald
Children's communism – The barricade; Ariane Müller
Motel Hanoi; Martin Ebner
Examples of unfavourable forms of organization (1): The couple; Gunter Reski
MiniMal is caring for me; Hans-Christian Dany

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